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Angry Black Women is created by Dahéli Hall and HaJ who originally conceived the project as a series of vlog Skype chats documenting their "angry" moments as Black women in the entertainment industry and society. Check it out on Tickles.TV

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Nothing makes Black women angrier than being called an “angry black woman." What might make them a happy is a hilarious opportunity to show the world why Black women have every damn right to be angry in the first place.

ANGRY BLACK WOMEN is a satire that deliberately spoofs its title's derogatory term and brings to light the openly biased entertainment industry and systemic racism punctuating how the rules for Black women are different. The series features Angry Black Woman 1, an out of work actress living in Los Angeles who’s been told by the industry that she is not “Black” enough. Angry Black Woman 2 is a shunned Hollywood writer who moved to Atlanta after repeatedly being told that her original scripts aren’t “Black” enough.  Watch the sizzle here. You can also check out the Season 1 vlog of Angry Black Women here

Dahéli Hall

Dahéli Hall (Angry Black Woman 1) is a writer, director, comic and actress. Dahéli is best known as a cast member and writer on Season 13 of the ground-breaking Emmy Winning, sketch comedy show MADTV Dahéli became the fourth African American female cast member in the show's history. Writing and performing sketches for Jordan Peele & Keegan Michael Key (Key & Peele).  Her notable impressions are Oprah, Michelle Obama and Macy Gray along with a slew of original characters.

Dahéli is also the writer director of two HBO award winning short films, The Memo (produced by Tendo Nagenda - Disney) and Mandingo in a Box (produced by Tendo Nagenda & Elishia Holmes - WB & Scott Free).  Academy Award-winning Lee Daniels’ described ‘Mandingo’ as “lose it funny”.  A common theme in Dahéli's film and stand up comedy is the range of social issues that black people face.  Satire is Dahéli comedic style. LA Weekly hailed her one-woman show, Crazy Bitch, as a “a tour de force in energy and humor...Dahéli has a gift for mimicry and characters.”  Dahéli special blend of humor and intelligence was also showcased on Brain Food Daily, there she wrote and hosted a daily news show on the web for Participant Media (The Cove) that was produced by Justin Simien (Dear White People).  

Dahéli is a native of Miami, Florida and a first generation American.  Her parents are from the Caribbean, her mother is from Haiti and her father from Jamaica. Dahéli has earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the Peter Stark Producing for Film and TV from the University of Southern California.


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HaJ (Angry Black Woman 2) is an Emmy-nominated writer, producer, performer and the Creator & Founder of Tickles.TV an entertainment platform and production company that curates and produces original comedic, satirical social commentary about the ironic perspectives of people of color also known as Urban Chameleons; people who watch CNN and Boondocks, listen to Yo Yo Ma and Jay Z, eat fried chicken and sushi. Since its founding, HaJ’s Tickles.TV video and blog content has been distributed to over twenty million users. Her film and video projects have been showcased around the world and participated in numerous festivals including South by South West, Women Interactive and Bronze Lens Women in Film and Television, Atlanta Fringe, New York International Fringe, Washington Women's Theatre Festival and the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival where she was the recipient of the 2015 Best Writer Award. . Most recently, HaJ wrote, produced and performed FUNNEL CAKE FLOWERS & THE URBAN CHAMELEONS an interactive, multimedia stage show, which made it's New York debut Off Broadway where it was lauded as “George C. Wolfe’s Colored Museum for Millennials.  HaJ is also the co-creator and producer of HERadventure an interactive movie that highlight social issues about women and girls. HERadventure is one of four projects ever to receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts for transmedia storytelling.

HaJ first started her career by writing, producing and performing in a series of Public Service Announcements, which aired on UPN and were nominated for an Emmy award when she was 15 years old. By the time she graduated from High School for the Performing Arts, John Leguizamo presented her with the top acting award sponsored by the League of American Theatres & Producers and received the President’s Merit Award to attend Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in Theater earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a minor in English. HaJ is the co-creator of Juicebox, a visually stylish magazine that highlights Black and Latino student life at her alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. The magazine was used as a recruiting document for the school. Critics have lauded HaJ for her innovative approach to New Media. Madam Noire named HaJ one of the Top 15 Tech and Branding Gurus of 2013.






Angry Black Women is screening at the New York Television Festival Tuesday, October 25th at 6:15PM Helen Mills Theater 137 W. 26th Street NYC

Angry Black Women is screening at the New York Television Festival Tuesday, October 25th at 6:15PM Helen Mills Theater 137 W. 26th Street NYC